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Scott tie-dying an alien design in his backyard in ColoradoHand Tied & Hand Dyed
American Tie-Dye was established the Summer of 2008 when one day I set out on a small arts and crafts project. All of my tie-dyes were getting old and falling apart. I had not been able to find any to buy, so I decided to make myself some shirts.

I bought a five pack of t-shirts and a hobby store tie-dye kit. Before I even made my first shirt, I returned the hobby store tie-dye kit, bought some high quality Procion MX Dyes, another 100 shirts and a tie-dye business was born.

Over the past three years, I have been selling my tie-dyes at arts and crafts shows around Colorado, adding new items and designs as the company grows. But in Colorado, when winter hits, the arts and crafts business slows down. So the time has come to move to the Internet. Now you can shop my tie-dye store online.

One-Of-A-Kind, Hand Tied, Hand Dyed
All of my items are one-of-a-kind, hand tied, hand dyed. When you select an item from my store, I will go to my stock room and pull out the exact item you ordered. Not one that looks close, but the exact item you ordered will be sent to you.

Selling one-of-a-kind tie-dyes also means posting new items all the time. So keep checking this website and the store for new items and designs. If there is something you have in mind for a tie-dye and I don't have it, you can let me know through my Contact page or please feel free to call me and let me know personally.

Happy Shopping!
- Scott Trotter, owner and tie-dyer
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